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small stuff before class starts

HNNNNGGG the new semester starts up again for me this monday and I'm sorta freaking out hahaha. I really hope I manage to snag some classes, and then find a way to pay for supplies.

So a very small sketchdump and commission wips before that giant stress train hits me.
An undersketch for a commission I took via lj. Was trying to figure out the pose and stuff.

The wip sketch I showed; only reason I moved down her leg was because the dress would be covering it and that would look awkward.
This is my idea of 'reasonably clean' hahaha.
In the end the lines looked like this. Big change in the outfit; all the fluff in the wip was giving me a hassle, and hid too much of her tail. Went with a simpler outfit. I never have an 'ink' layer or whatever over my initial sketch. I just clean up the sketch directly, which takes forever, but it's how I do. Finished coloured version is on my dA. 
Wip for another commissioner. Finished version is on my dA.
I had to wake up early and take an assessment test. While waiting for a ride, I started doodling ideas for how I'd make the new banner for the egl-comm-sales. (don't ask why ordered the name wrong on the drawing; I always get it mixed up haha)
I'm too spiteful to just draw rich lolis waving their newly acquired burando swag, so I want to shove some disgruntled poor loli in the background or something haha. It's just much more accurate to how I feel while going through the sale posts.
Also sketched quickly at school. It's the character Lumi from a webcomic I adore, Hemlock. The artists' birthday is coming up, and since she's one of my favourite artists, I'd really like to be able to draw something for it.
Hahaha decided to play drawfag for a day over at /v/ about a month ago. Someone requested Bad Girl (NoMoreHeroes) and Margaret (NoMoreHeroes2) with their clothing switched.
It's kinda fun and challenging to take requests since the board moves so fast, so you have to work quickly before the thread dies.
Just a preview of something I'm sorta in the middle of colouring. I spent such a stupid amount of time on the lines, that now I'm just sick of it and now don't like it hahaha. Not sure if it'll ever be finished.
My cousin asked me to doodle Ruin with a beard. 
I could not refuse.
I was also asked to doodle Knuckles the enchilada in a bra. I'm pretty sure this is the best drawing of him I've ever done ever hahahahaha. 


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Aug. 14th, 2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
OMG LUMIIIIII. Hemlock is the best webcomic. THE BEST.

Also, I feel you on the new semester starting. My uni starts up a bit later this month. But, I'm also freaking out a little bit. Awesome drawings as ever, bro.
Aug. 20th, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S THE BEST. I'm so ashamed in humanity that her webcomic isn't more popular.
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